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Finding partners - Integrating partners - Setting impulses

Within the framework of various EU projects, Rostock Business places entrepreneurs from various countries to do business in Rostock. The project contents are based on the location profile of the Hanseatic and University City. An important component for the Hanseatic City as an active part of the European living and economic community.

The core idea of the Intermare project is to strengthen the position of the shipbuilding industry in the South Baltic Sea Region compared to competitors from Central, Western and Southern Europe. Again, companies are to be integrated into international market activities such as trade fair presentations and delegation trips. It is also important to make the sector more visible as an important pillar of the regional economies and to promote services and suppliers worldwide.

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EmpInno Monitor S3 is an Extension Stage project of the Baltic Sea Region programme, led by Rostock Business. The project implemented from August 2019 to January 2021 aims at developing and testing innovative monitoring systems for the regional innovation strategy in the seven partner regions. The project partners come from Germany, Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

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Business networks

In addition to the EU projects, Rostock Business offers you opportunities to participate in regional, national and international networks and events. We gladly initiate, coordinate and moderate in your interest.

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